Sunday, April 26, 2009

姚明民族山村 Yao Ethnic Mountain Village

On a business trip to Tong Mu in northeastern Guangxi we visited a town high up in the beautiful mountains. These mountains weren't the karst formations Guangxi is famous for, they were more like the Rocky mountains. I don't know the correct translation of the name of the town, in pinyin it is Jin Xou (which also might be misspelled).

It is a high mountain village of the Yao people, one of China's 50+ ethnic minority groups. The canyon was gorgeous, especially in the rain. On our way up the canyon we saw several old Yao women walking up the road in the rain. We stopped to talk to them and before we knew it they were climbing in the back seat! Only two of them fit so the others continued walking.

Wang Xi Xi and Nong Hong Ping were now sharing the back seat with these cute little old ladies. I asked them if they would be my Chinese grandmas and they agreed. They were so cute. They each had about 7 children, I don't remember how old they were, but they said the fish from the cold mountain lakes were very tasty. When we finally arrived in the town they let us take photos with them before they went home. They said that next time I came to visit they would make me dinner.

The town has a river flowing right through the middle of it. It was very beaufitul but we didn't explore much due to the rain. We ate a watermelon and got back in the car to drive down the canyon.


LeShel said...

I must say I had forgotten you were tall but seeing the picture with your Chinese Grandma's reminds me of just how tall you are. Of course I must take into consideration other factors.

Karin said...

Hi there! I went through some of my old inboxes and found your blog. Haha, I will now be blog stalking you. :-)
I have another friend in China for her husbnad's work, but her pictures are not nearly as picturesque as yours are. It looks like you are in a beautiful place.

maureen said...

Really wonderful pictures! We are from the USA and I have one daughter adopted from Laibin and another adopted from Cenxi (both in Guangxi) so I am really enjoying your blog.

Chantile Ferriera said...

Stumbled across your blog :) Makes me miss Asia!! Love the pictures! :)